Guide for taking ID card photos

We find the ID Card photos look great when the person is against a blank background.

Here is an example of an ID photo; taken with the person’s head, chest and shoulders visible. Please face forward and look straight at the camera.

We advise a head/shoulder photo like this rather than take a full-body image or one that is too close. We will crop the photos as required when they are inserted into the ID Card.

You can use your smart phone (iPhone, Samsung, etc.) to take – or get someone to take your photo – as they have excellent quality camera’s and take great photos for ID cards

Appropriate photo file types are jpg, jpeg, png – please do not insert photos into other documents such as Word or Excel as this compresses the photos and they lose quality. We can use pdf files if necessary but cannot use heic files or any other file types.

We ask that you send your photo to us in the largest file size possible. This could mean the file can be as large as 2-8 MB. We do need high quality photos for the best print resolution. Please ensure the file size is not smaller than 250 KB in size to ensure we can use it.

Please label your photo with the person’s first and last name – this ensures we can match you exactly to the information for your ID Card.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.