Loyalty Cards

Despite a step toward digital mediums across almost every aspect of our lives, the loyalty market is one in which consumers still seem to prefer a physical product.

Marketing research consistently demonstrates that retaining existing customers is easier than establishing new ones – and loyalty cards are all about making customers think of your company first when a buying decision is being made.

Mobile ID Cards can provide a card which will directly link your customers to you. A billboard in every customer’s purse or wallet. We specialise in creating unique cards to engage customers, increase brand loyalty and provide valuable data, marketing opportunities, increased traffic and ultimately increased long-term profitability.

Loyalty card programs increase revenue while simultaneously boosting customer satisfaction. Programs are designed to build a lifelong relationship with your customers by providing a personalise experience.

Loyalty plastic cards impact on our lives daily. These cards are used specifically to enhance customer retention and encourage repeat purchases. Plastic cards are the idea tool to create a top-of-mind awareness as well as building and enhancing brand commitment.

Our printing services can include all forms of data such as;

  • Consecutive numbering or variable data for names or numbers
  • Magnetic stripes
  • Barcoding, with or without readable characters printed below
  • QR codes
  • Variable images

We use only the finest materials to product cards that are durable and work well with continued use, over and over again.

We are here to make your Loyalty program a success! Your loyalty cards can be as unique as your business.

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