Visitor & Contractor Passes

Have you installed a self-serve visitor management kiosk in your reception or do you fill in a sign-in book that logs each time a visitor or contractor enters your premises. These are fantastic ways of tracking who visits your company or organisation but how do you identify these people once they are on site?

If all permanent staff members are not wearing photo ID cards, it makes it difficult to tell between an intruder and your staff. If all staff members are wearing photo ID cards and all visitors are wearing a visitor pass it becomes much easier to spot an intruder.

Visitor and Contractor passes are the perfect way to keep track of visitors on your premises. Plus these passes will also boost the image of your business or organisation and provide your visitors a lasting impression of your company.

Not to mention, our visitor and contractor passes are meant to be long lasting and can be re-used time and again, saving you both time and money not needing to make new passes every time.

We offer the ultimate in design flexibility. Let us know what you are looking for and we will work with you to design a template that works for you. We can suggest features depending on the level of security you require.

We may suggest using a different colour visitor pass to identify different kinds of visitors. For example, general visitors can be issued green badges, vendors issued yellow badges, and contractors could be issued orange badges. That way, even at a glance, you know what type of visitor the person is. 

Enhance your security by using our high quality accessories to create a colour matched professional image.

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