Digital ID Cards

Digital ID Cards: The Future of Identification

In today’s dynamic environment, the necessity for secure and efficient identification has never been more needed. Traditional physical ID cards, while functional and with many capabilities including custom designs and many security features, in some circumstances, can pose logistical challenges and can be at risk of loss or theft. Enter Digital ID cards—a sophisticated solution designed to streamline the verification process while ensuring enhanced security measures. With Digital ID cards, you can bid farewell to the traditional ID cards and embrace a more reliable and professional means of identity verification.

Digital IDs: Now Compatible with Apple Devices (only) for Photo IDs and Both Apple & Android for Non-Photo IDs, Membership Cards, etc.


  • Increased security: Digital ID cards are much more difficult to forge or steal compared to traditional physical ID cards.
  • Convenience: With a Digital ID card you don’t need to carry around a physical card. Instead it is stored securely on your smartphone and easily accessed when needed.
  • Reduced costs: Digital ID cards eliminate the need for printing and issuing physical cards, which can be costly for organisations.
  • Environmentally friendly: Since Digital ID cards dont require printing, they are more environmentally friendly than traditional physical cards.


Welcome to Instant ID as a Service (IIDaaS™) – Your Solution for Effortless Digital ID Card Management! This software enables you to effortlessly issue Digital ID cards to your team in no time. With a user-friendly Dashboard, you’ll enjoy swift and seamless ID issuance. Each card comes with a standardised template featuring essential details like name, position, ID number, barcode/QR code, and a photo (currently compatible with Apple devices). Once issued, these IDs are securely stored on mobile devices, making them perfect for visual verification and accessing areas requiring barcode or QR code scanning.


  • Simple installation and user-friendly interface for easy management
  • Instant ID issuance, starting the moment your Dashboard is set up
  • Eliminate capital IT expenses when physical ID cards aren’t needed
  • Optional technical support agreements for added assistance and training
  • Digital IDs valid for 12 months, aligning with industry standard

Experience the convenience of on-demand ID card issuance right at your fingertips. Get started with Instant ID as a Service today.

Please note that our passes are available for purchase with a minimum order quantity of 100 passes, sold exclusively in lots of 100 passes.

Reminder: Currently compatible with Apple Devices (only) for Photo IDs and Both Apple & Android for Non-Photo IDs, Membership Cards, etc. Website will be updated when photos are available on both Google and Apple.

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