Corporate Cards

It’s not just a top-secret government thing anymore. Across Australia, organisations are embracing branded cards for enhanced security and seamless verification. in today’s tech-driven world, an ID is no longer just a piece of paper placed inside a transparent plastic cover. Today, an ID is a plastic card, highly durable, easily wearable and ensures secure access exclusively to authorised individuals.

There are many ways to use plastic corporate cards in your organisation such as;

  • Corporate Events: Seamlessly manage seminars and exhibitions with branded corporate cards, facilitating easy identification and networking opportunities.
  • Student ID Cards: Provide students with personalised identification cards, essential for campus security and access to facilities and resources.
  • Access and Security Cards: Implement access control measures with plastic cards, granting selective entry to restricted areas and bolstering overall security protocols.
  • Event Accreditation: Manage event accreditation seamlessly with customised plastic cards, verifying attendee credentials and ensuring smooth event operations.
  • Volunteer Cards: Offering a streamlined solution for identifying and managing volunteers, further enhancing safety and organisation within various community and event settings.

Government departments, universities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and corporate organisations all recognise the indispensable need for ID cards. From education staff to students, ensuring the presence of authorised individuals on-site is paramount. The growing trend among schools and educational facilities to issue student ID cards or student passes reinforces security measures, making all staff readily recognisable and enhancing the overall sense of safety within buildings. Where the same can be said for all Australian businesses.

Upgrade your identification process beyond mere ID cards by considering customised lanyards. With custom lanyards, you gain precise control over who receives them, ensuring that only authorised individuals wear them. This advanced level of identification guarantees enhanced security and peace of mind for your organisation.

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