Promotional Cards

Thousands of companies are using plastic cards to generate customer loyalty and actively promote a product, service or trigger an action. A plastic card acts as an advertisement in a wallet. After a quick look a person will generally discard your brochure, leaflet or promotional flyer. On the other hand, people don’t throw away plastic cards. As they are similar size to a credit card, it provides a psychological importance which prompts a strong desire to keep a plastic card regardless of content or use.

A card given to a customer or potential customer will generally be kept in a wallet or purse and will then serve as a permanent reminder of your product or service. It will start that all important link with the customer, and help provide the rarest thing in business – customer loyalty.

We have years of experience working with a variety of business and helped them create useful marketing pieces to enhance their brand into useful marketing tools specific to your industry. It’s our passion to learn more about your business.

Why use plastic promotional cards?

  • Plastic promotional cards are an excellent method of generating repeat business from existing clients
  • Clubs, restaurants, shops and trade customers can all increase their income by using plastic cards
  • Highly durable and a cost effective way of creating a highly professional image
  • By utilising both sides of the card, they become an excellent marketing tool
  • People keep plastic cards!

Promote your Product, Promotion or Scheme with;

  • Key Tags
  • Incentive Cards
  • Fundraising Cards

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